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Farm Services

Stall Boarding - Turnout, grain/hay twice a day $450

Rough/Paddock  Board - Free Choice hay, shelter use of  facilities$300

Broodmare Care - Experienced personnel to over see your mare in all stages of her reproductive cycle. $23.00 A day. $4.00 a day for foal board.

Foaling -  foaling stalls are heated, equipped with cameras, and are staffed with a night time foaling expert. One time charge per foal $375.00.

Foal Board - Once your foal is at the mare's side, we will provide them with daily handling and care to help prepare them for the future. $4.00 a day.

Yearling Starting - $42.00 a day.

Layup Board - No matter how severe or minor we will work with your horse and vets to help your horse recover with the care and attention they deserve. $38.00 a day (intensive care)/ $24.00 (basic rest/turn-out).

Track Lay-Off (Open Mare & Gelding) - $24.00 a day. 

Colt Board - Call for Availability and pricing.

Vanning - Local Only - Must Schedule $50.00 and $2.00 per mile.  

Farm Services Cont'd

  We have both indoor and outdoor arenas to provide all weather training services. Veterinarian services available locally. Medications, Supplements, Farrier, Vet Work and Tack will be billed monthly on Board statement. From foaling to starting under saddle, we can provide an experience for horses and owners to enjoy. We also maintain a small beef cattle herd and have an educational program to teach anyone who is interested in learning to raise beef cattle and the "farm to market" process, please contact for pricing.

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